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Nicole LeBlanc
264 Coles Pond Rd
East Hardwick, VT 05836

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Wherever you go in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, one thing is certain: you will see cows—on the hillsides, in the valleys and on the way to your destiny.

Surely you will see our herd of 45 alpacas and b&w cows on our 350 acres farm grazing, young and old pronking or greeting a new cria born in the hills of Walden/East Hardwick.

We been in alpaca business since 1999.At that time we had decided to diversify the farm with the intension of bring a different type of animal to our farm. At that time not many people knew what an alpaca was but soon found out about them and became in love with the “ALPACA”

We believe at Walden Mountain Alpaca Farm that the industry will eventually concentrate on fiber production. We are concentrating on breeding our alpacas for the ultimate end product, which is FIBER. One of our missions is to promote the alpaca industry to the best of our ability. Our herd currently consists of 45 Huacaya alpacas. With good breeding choices our herd can only better through generations.

We have alots of diversity in colors because of the mysteries of color genetics
Great nutrition, management, comfort factors and giving the best of nature’s bounty to eat,also good bloodlines are our goal for herd improvement.

We offer a friendly atmosphere with no hassling. We don’t participate in alpaca shows because it involves so much time during the most busy months(haying) on the farm, so we choose to pass affordable prices to our customers.

We are here to help whether you are purchasing a breeding female to expand your herd or a nonbreeding male for a hobby farm.

To learn more about our herd of alpacas, we invite you to browse our site and check out the list of offers we have to pass on, to fit your needs . “ALPACAS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.”

We treat our customers in the same fashion we want to be treated: With honesty, integrity, respect and support.We will do our best to work with you in an open and honest environment.

Contact us if you have questions or to talk about the wonderful alpacas or to schedule a visit and see for yourself!!!
Come experience the alpacas’ mystic in this glorious mountain setting!